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Song Nong

2017-02-15 09:06:45 by comando0110

I wont be posting new songs for a while. I want to learn about using reason so until then, see ya.


2016-08-14 22:50:01 by comando0110

Centepede and Haste are collectivly more impressive than all my other songs i think. and hav quite a few downloads. pretty happy about that!


2016-03-03 10:16:06 by comando0110

sure is taking forever


2015-10-16 14:22:23 by comando0110

cloud 8 here i come!!!(because im on cloud 9 the highest cloud or something only place to go is down from here)


2015-10-09 15:36:09 by comando0110

Holy crap stacks batman! I finally made something for newgrounds! woot! Hoot!... Some other noise! Exitment for the win!